blood types article – as seen on Bitmob

June 7, 2010

I posted my last blog entry on Bitmob and it was promoted again. ^^ The folks there do a really excellent job cleaning up formatting and editing, and I feel like I’m learning a little more about how to construct a well-made (not just well-written) post. The comments were awesome too.

Full article available here on Bitmob

And then I leave on a quote from Hataraki Man (働きマン), a really inspiring but unfortunately a tad sexist Japanese romance/work TV show I just finished watching. If you ever wanted to see what a Japanese workplace or magazine functions like, or a see a Japanese woman run at cheetah speeds in high heels, you should check it out.

—Hiroko Matsukata. 働きマン、Episode 9.
“Always getting rewarded for our hard work is just an ideal. It’s not reality. But, there are those times when we are rewarded. And that’s why we try our best.”


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