Why does Kevin Butler know what my living room looks like?

June 28, 2010

(a belated, post-E3 2010 post)

At Sony’s E3 2010 press conference, Kevin Butler, the fast-talking, snarky marketing character from PS3 commercials, came on stage to give an epic, rallying speech to the crowd. One of his quotes in particular resonated with the Internet (defined as Twitter, game news sites and blogs).

This photo is brought to you by Kevin Butler's poetic imagery. (actually its via ABC News Australia, but whatevs)

“Gaming is having a huge TV in a tiny one-room apartment,” he said. Then the crowd went wild.

Initially, I thought, wow what a cool, poetic way to describe gaming. And then my brain switched on, and I realized, hold on there, buddy, you just made some potentially gross assumptions about my lifestyle.

I mean, picture it. The tiny one-room apartment and big-screen TV.

It’s dark, cluttered and lonely, right? And why do I live in a one-room apartment in this instance, Kevin Butler? Is it because I spent all of my rent money on Playstation Move? Don’t I have any friends over playing games with me in that apartment? Why are you assuming these things about the way I play games?

All of a sudden, that quote wasn’t as chic and awesome as it originally sounded.

[Note: Yes, I realized my last two posts have been harping on Sony’s E3 presser. The reason—Sony’s press conference was the only one I actually watched (and had time to watch during E3 week).I don’t hate Sony or anything like that. I like KB, too. He’s charismatic, hilarious, and one of the best things that could’ve happened for Playstation’s marketing.

Sheesh, what am I doing. I shouldn’t have to justify myself on this, right, Internet?

ANYWAY, new FRESH content is forthcoming. I have lots of cool ideas. Just need the time to see them through.

Word to the wise: do NOT search “video games” on Google Images with only Moderate Safe Search on. You and your eyes are not safe.]


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