Animal Crossing 3D Trailer: English Translation

October 6, 2011

[ Someone asked me if I could translate the Japanese in this video for them. Thought I’d post it here in case other people had the same question. It’s a very direct, rough translation with little context to go on; no fun Animal Crossing-speak frills here.]

0:06 Tom Nook: Yes, yes, you’d like to build a house around here?

0:18 Rainy: Huh? Are you, by chance, our new mayor? Nice to meet you! I’m Rainy! Let’s all make a nice (lit.: fun) town together!

0:42 Garigari*: Welcome~! Mosakichi-kun just visited/came by here. [Note: Dunno who Mosakichi is… maybe the the player or someone else who’s offscreen. Sorry :( ]

0:48 Secretary: Yes, Mayor! Do you think this would be a good place to build the cafe?

The screen at the end is just a warning about how 3D will burn out your eyeballs, especially if you’re younger than six years old. If anyone has any fixes or more accurate translations for this, please leave your suggestions in the comments.

*Garigari can be an Japanese onomatopoeia for crunchy/grinding/scratching sounds, but when describing people, it can mean greedy :)


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