June 27, 2013


it’s late, so i’ll make this quick

As I continue with playing Knytt Underground and FF6 sporadically, I’ve had two more games pop onto more radar — one accidental and one long-awaited. Both with a healthy amount of IAPs (in-app purchases).

I stumbled across Cytus Lambda, a rhythm game with plenty of techno-pop that involves pecking and flicking the Vita screen at just the right moment, while browsing the PlayStation Store for free games (save for a few indie games I pay for, this is usually the case). I’ve played through a couple of songs and enjoy it a lot because it reminds me of Jubeat, except more forgiving on timing. I don’t say this to humble brag, but I have yet to fail any of the introductory levels. This is rare for a rhythm game, which usually run me through the ringer a couple times till I pick up the patterns and beats a little more. (My early DDR attempts were super embarrassing. Rhythm Heaven even more so.) It’s free to download, a neat, pretty-looking version that contains 10 songs, but $12~ for the full game.

Also, the Professor Layton spin-off, LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM (click the link; it’s really listed in all caps on iTunes), is free to download on iOS… curious to see how addicted I get to this and if I’ll buy in to the IAPs.

Probably eventually.


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