I made my first game this weekend! I’m proud of myself for finishing a Twine project all by myself in one day for IGDA DC‘s Text Game Jam. The game itself? Not so much.

Twine 1.3.6 or bust
Anyway, I was floundering for the first few hours of the jam, which mostly scratches up to me being a complete novice and not having the correct version of Twine and going through an arduous process of trial-and-error. (p.s., when you see a patch for something, do not immediately think, ah, I probably won’t need that. It’s probably a bad move.) I needed the <textinput> macro to work, and it took me a little to long to confirm that yes, 1.3.5 for Mac does not offer this support.

So if you’re working from a Mac OS, do not even waste time with Twine 1.3.5. Sure, download it, but patch it up ASAP to make the most of the macros. Just copy the /targets folder from the 1.3.6 Alpha version to your 1.3.5. There’s also this patch for 1.3.5 that also involves copying and pasting over the /targets folder, but And if you’re using Windows, that 1.3.6 Alpha version is quite nice — I worked on my first build on my netbook!

After I patched 1.3.5 and my macros would actually work — and when I say my macros, I mean the one’s I took from Glorious Trainwrecks’ resources — it was smooth sailing.

Helpful Links
So, in my misadventures of breaking absolutely everything in Twine before I fixed it, I found lots of good Twine resources. While they’re all helpful, I’ve winnowed these down to the ones that were most immediately accessible as a beginner as far as covering the bases.

Anyway, Twine is totally friendly to coding neophytes. I’m interested in implementing the timer feature into one of my games next.

As I get links from the Text Game Jam, I’ll post them in the list below. Here’s what we have so far:

The Box (Sam Levine)
•Trelos [link incoming?]
•Princess Escape [link incoming?]
•Tribunal of the Cave [link incoming?]



it’s late, so i’ll make this quick

As I continue with playing Knytt Underground and FF6 sporadically, I’ve had two more games pop onto more radar — one accidental and one long-awaited. Both with a healthy amount of IAPs (in-app purchases).

I stumbled across Cytus Lambda, a rhythm game with plenty of techno-pop that involves pecking and flicking the Vita screen at just the right moment, while browsing the PlayStation Store for free games (save for a few indie games I pay for, this is usually the case). I’ve played through a couple of songs and enjoy it a lot because it reminds me of Jubeat, except more forgiving on timing. I don’t say this to humble brag, but I have yet to fail any of the introductory levels. This is rare for a rhythm game, which usually run me through the ringer a couple times till I pick up the patterns and beats a little more. (My early DDR attempts were super embarrassing. Rhythm Heaven even more so.) It’s free to download, a neat, pretty-looking version that contains 10 songs, but $12~ for the full game.

Also, the Professor Layton spin-off, LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM (click the link; it’s really listed in all caps on iTunes), is free to download on iOS… curious to see how addicted I get to this and if I’ll buy in to the IAPs.

Probably eventually.